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18 / 01 / 2019

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Engineering – Automation – Communication – Consulting

CYBERWAN's ambit is the automation of production, control and
regulation systems. These are the prerequisites for the enhancement of productivity, quality and safety in industrial processes.

CYBERWAN offers complete project development plans, from initial
consultation on the choice of hardware, assistance with installation,
and all programming work, up to the test run and implementation. This
applies for small and medium-scale equipment and special machinery, as well as heavy machinery.

In the area of control, we engineer software for purposes ranging from
minor operations all the way up to the redevelopment of obsolete
systems for all current platforms. In the hardware sphere we
comprehensively oversee product development, tailoring our work to
specific needs.

The cost-effective installation of networks, fieldbussystems and
remote systems ensures the highest levels of efficiency in your